Thursday 23 August 2012

Intercessionary Malfunction

No time to do anything other than download some French pictures.

Googled "Metz 1959" in the hope of archiving some photos of France in the late 1950s.

Might be useful for something.

Intercessionary failure:

Classic case today of being presented with a situation requiring a Christian response.

Without giving away too many personal details, I'd a short meeting with a  recently bereaved woman. On the way to the meeting I prayed, briefly, that I might say the right thing when I got there - words of comfort? neutral words? words of respect? or whatever seemed to be required.

But what I forgot to do was to pray for a change of attitude - I simply did not want to have this meeting. I resented it and wanted it over as quickly as possible. It never crossed my mind that I should pray thus: "God, help me to want this meeting so that I am ready and willing to spend time with this fellow human being if that's what she wants."

Must not be negligent like this in future.

PS. Meeting lasted all of 35 seconds.

Last night's dinner:

Nicest steak I've cooked for ages. This is the procedure I followed:

Opened the vacuum pack and laid the rump steak on a plate for 15 minutes - pouring over it some olive oil and sprinkling both sides with ground black pepper.

Pre-heated un-oiled frying pan to high temperature then dropped in the oiled steak.

The next part of the procedure is very important, I suspect: covered the pan with a lid to keep the steaks moist. Turned once - total cooking time of 5 minutes or so.

with spinach and boiled potatoes.
Bruckner's 4th:

Decided to book seats for next week's performance of Bruckner's 4th Symphony at the Usher Hall. On a bit of an economy drive so have seats way up in the upper circle. Could be a very hot evening up there.

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