Monday 27 August 2012

Sound bites/one liners/prayers

Added a bit more to the draft diorama.

Very difficult to get the lighting right when using a phone camera.

Tracey Emin:

Have been dipping into Tracey Emin's recently published collection of the articles she wrote for the Independent newspaper. Very enjoyable. Full of brilliant one liners.

But that's the problem. It's easy to live off one liners and sound bites but where is the overarching philosophy of life.

I should have said "that's my problem".

This tendency I have of beseeching God's help on a case-by-case, incident-by-incident basis is exhausting. Also, events can take one by surprise and in the heat of the moment one can forget to ask for God's intervention  and end up trying to resolve the situation on one's own. Always a recipe for disaster in my experience.

It would be better to have God's presence always within one, radiating out of one at all times and automatically guiding one's behaviour at all times.

How does one invite God into one's life to be a permanent presence?

I think this is where the Holy Spirit enters into the equation. The key word is probably "invite".

Last night's dinner:

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chicken leg, black pudding and peas.

Washed down with a claret.

Currently listening to:


And their 1995 album: Leftism

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