Wednesday 1 August 2012

Thy will be done .............................

Boulevard Haussmann: a paper model to prepare for the ceramic version.

This has been a very useful planning exercise.

* establishing which features of the building should be included and which omitted;
* how to portray certain features in a way that can be executed in clay;
* what sections will be in relief;
* of those sections in relief, are there some sections in the same degree of relief and which can feasibly be built up with the same stretch of clay.

That last point is ill-expressed. Basically, time is of the essence when working with clay because it can dry out. Also, one wants to simplify the structure of the piece to avoid "sticking" sections of clay onto others, for this can lead to air bubbles and thus catastrophic explosions in the kiln.

I think when the ceramic class starts I'll first make a small version of the building to explore these issues.

An extract from St Faustina's Diary:

"My God, I am ready to accept Your will in every detail, whatever it may be. However You may direct me, I will bless You. Whatever You ask of me I will do with the help of  Your grace. Whatever Your holy will regarding me might be, I accept it with my whole heart and soul, taking no account of what my corrupt nature tells me."

Last night before falling asleep, I became convinced that this must be my philosophy of life for my remaining years, months or days.

Last night's dinner:

Went very local:

Samphire and smoked salmon butter.

On the left, a rather small dressed crab.

The empty shell.

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