Sunday 19 August 2012

Intercessionary Prayers part 2

Further planning:

Yesterday's plan:

Using the cardboard template of my Gare du Nord facade, and three plastic trees, I sketched out a possible street plan to match the above.

Drew lines in pale orange so that it will be easy to over-write them with darker lines when modification is required - and it will be.

Intercessionary prayer:

There are no doubt many categories of intercessionary prayer eg when there is drought, asking God for rain.

The category I'm interested in is when we ask God to help us to do the right thing.

In the New Testament, Romans VII, Paul discusses the issue of our wanting to do the right thing.

Returning to yesterday's musings then: it would seem that there is this third element to intercessionary prayer: wanting to do what God approves of:

Stage 1: determining what is the right thing to do.

Stage 2: wanting to do it.

Stage 3: having the strength of will to do it.

Clearly, the concept of "wanting" needs some examination.

Does "wanting" to do something entail  "enjoying" doing it.

I don't want to go swimming because I don't enjoy it.

But, I wish that I did enjoy it.

In otherwords, I want to want to go swimming.

And, I want to want to do the right thing.

Does want to want mean the same as want to enjoy?

Unfortunately, domestic duties are beckoning so will now have to stop these musings. Will tidy them up tomorrow, I hope.

Last night's meal:

Forgot to photograph it.

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