Saturday 25 August 2012

Town Planning plus some paint

Added some features to one of yesterday's cut out buildings - they're far too big and will have to be scrubbed out and done again. Still, a useful exercise in getting things prepared for when I make the ceramic model.

Last night's dinner:

My sister gave me a voucher for fish and chips for my recent birthday - much appreciated, I might add.

I'd be very surprised if the restaurant is still open in 6 months time. Friday night and it was empty. It's got an utterly hopeless location in my view. The chips were outstanding. Very pleasant owner who did everything so there won't be much of a wages bill, but even so.

Playing records loudly:

Sometimes, and for no detectable reason, I like to listen to beat music very loudly. By mistake my laptop speakers were on a very high setting today and I found the effect exhilarating.

The record in question was Teenage Fanclub again.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed, let's hope you're wrong about the 6 months, certainly not in the right location for passing trade!