Tuesday 6 November 2012

Ceramics class tonight

Tonight's challenge will be to reduce the chunkiness of the pieces of clay that were added to the individual walls in order to provide features.

This is where I left things last week.

What worries me is that each week the clay is drying a bit more. When will the point come that it is too dry to do any more work on?

As I look at these two photographs I think the introduction of a ledge between ground and first floors and also of a few pillars from the ground up to that ledge will help counter-balance the visual effect of the clay strips which I've added further up the walls.

Also, I'll re-do the double door panels to look more like the one in the bottom photograph.

Rashly, I've arranged to play a squash match AFTER this evening's Ceramics class!

Schubert's Song Cycles:

At heart, I'm a romantic: that's why these songs mean so much to me and why I want to persevere with them.

Interestingly, when Radio 3 reviewed all available recordings of the Winterreise Song Cycle, their recommended choice was by Christine Schafer!!!

I love Schafer's voice and have had much pleasure from her CD with the Petersen Quartet.

But can a woman successfully portray the plight of the young man sent out into the wintry landscape of unrequited love? Of course she can.

Last night's dinner:

Rolled lamb, potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

Checking that the lamb is cooked.

Gravy was added after this photo was taken.

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