Friday 9 November 2012

The Outsider

More tiles laid:

The cross-hatched area will not be tiled. One leg of a flat L-shaped bracket will be screwed in there; the other leg will be attached to the facade of my ceramic Gare du Nord. The latter has been in mothballs  for 5 months, awaiting a suitable time to be installed. By a 'suitable time' I mean when the platforms are tiled and other pieces of infra-structure are in place.

"The Outsider" by Colin Wilson

Great excitement in one half of the Morris household today. My Friday squash buddie, Bill, remembered to bring his copy of Colin Wilson's 'Outsider' for me to read.

Colin Wilson's prose is lucid and he writes about topics I'm interested in. It's great having a book in position that one can really look forward to reading.

Hot Chip: In Our Heads

At present I'm listening to Hot Chip's latest album. Can't get enough of Hot Chip.

Last night's dinner:

Artichokes, mushrooms and rice.

Washed down with a cheap red from South of France and accompanied by Tracey Emin.

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