Monday 26 November 2012

My spouse makes an interesting point.

10 more rows of tiles to platform 3.

Trusty set square to keep things straight.

Elisabeth Leonskaja:

I have to say, this woman does not seem 67 years old. For over two hours she pumelled that piano in front of a pretty full Glasgow City Halls.

The stage before the concert began.

She made lots of mistakes but her playing was fearsome and it was probably one of the best solo piano recitals I have attended.

But, I was still slightly bored and yet again concluded that I prefer to listen to chamber music at home from an MP3 player or from CD or from Radio 3.

My spouse made an interesting point. She said that perhaps I liked to listen to this music on my own. That it was so intimate one needed to interact with it one-to-one.

I think that may well be true.

Some music you want to hear as part of an audience eg symphonies, concertoes and all forms of pop/rock music. In fact, listening to those works in a half-filled hall is very depressing.

Last night's dinner:

Spouse's spouse's: plaice, artichokes and black pudding.

Spouse's: trout and baked potato.

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