Saturday 10 November 2012

Sleeping in late.

More tiles and some (frankly) celebratory photos.

Last night's dinner:

Tin of  chicken curry and pint of milk.
Hot Chip:

I think I'll have to go and see the doctor. In any free time that I have, I accompany whatever I am doing (eg laying the mosaic tiles on my station platforms), with listening to Hot Chip. I'm not getting in the slightest bit sick of them. Continue to find them exhilarating and uplifting.

And talking about Rock 'and Roll Doctors:

What a brilliant track, 'Rock and Roll Doctor'  was from Little Feat. I've only got it on vinyl so rarely hear it now. But it must have one of the greatest guitar introductions of any rock song.

But what I must do this week - starting today with 'Radio 3's Music Matters' - is explore the music of two of the 20th Century's most interesting composers.

"In this week’s edition of Music Matters Tom Service pays tribute to two gigantic figures of post-war music who have died in the last couple of weeks: the German composer Hans Werner Henze, who was 86 and the American composer Elliott Carter who was in his 104th year. "

I have no music on iTunes from either of these men - a very shameful gap in the old library.
Sleeping in late:

The last time I can remember sleeping past 8am was over 30 years ago when there was a gas leak in the property I occupied at the time.

No gas leaks this time but I didn't wake until 10.15am this morning.

First thought: have I missed Saturday morning Mass? Yes.

Utter devastation. There was no guilt about missing Mass; I know that God does not get angry over things like that. No, the overwhelming emotion was sadness. I truly love going to Mass.

Unashamedly, I use that phrase, 'truly love'. For me, going to Mass is the nearest one gets to Heaven on earth. It's like going home.

As to why I slept for almost 4 hours longer than I usually do, I can't explain it. Feel fit, feel healthy, am enjoying listening to Hot Chip. A complete mystery.


  1. Your lay out is coming on, was unsure about the tiles but they look good.

    1. That's good because I'm really pleased with them.