Tuesday 13 November 2012


Ceramics class tonight:

Forgot to take photographs of progress last week, but there was not much progress to record. In truth, I have not enjoyed the class so much this year.

The cause is I think choosing a 3D model to make rather than a 2D facade. There are too many issues going on at the same time with a 3D building and my brain cannot cope with them all and I'm under performing on each of them: design; detail; care in preparing the clay; care in storing it etc.

Perhaps tonight I will assemble the 4 walls of the building and get it ready for firing as it is.

Artist's impression of building:

The good news is that my place has been confirmed on the next ceramics course starting in January 2013. I think I will stick with facades at that point. In fact, I was quite inspired this morning when I heard that the bells of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris are to be replaced with brand spanking new ones forged in Normandy.

Apparently, each of the existing bells has a name: Angélique- Françoise, Antoinette-Charlotte, Hyacinthe-Jeanne and Denise-David -  provided by Quasimodo, no less.

I think this will make a good ceramic tile poking up behind other buildings on my railway layout. Those other buildings may well be made out of card or paper. I'll see how things work out over the next few weeks in the class.


Currently listening to the brittle, electronic bleakness of Photek.

Last night's dinner:

My wife had had a nightmare of a day at work and so I prepared her favourite meal which we haven't had for a couple of years.

I'll let you guess what it is.

Suffice to say it was all far too rich and I had a most disturbed and uncomfortable sleep which is not usual for me and which I resent greatly when it does occur.


  1. Lucky sister-in-law to have such a lovely meal prepared for her.