Wednesday 21 November 2012

Ceramics update

Continued with the painstaking repair of the component walls to my ceramic model building.

It's like what I imagine the process would be when an archaeologist  re-constitutes into a jug, shards of pottery found under a field in Iran.

In the first picture, what looks like a section of the Coliseum is a facade with cracks all over the place. The numerous pillars are, in fact, supports to keep the window apertures in shape.

The next three pictures some of the cracks that have to be repaired.

One glues things back together with a mixture of 'slip' (ie liquidised old pieces of clay) and a kind of magic mender which also turns out to be a kind of commercially prepared 'slip' in a bottle.

Firstly, one wets the edges of the pieces to be repaired and then paints on generous amounts of the sticking mixture.

Three repaired joints are visible.

Repaired with the support pillars removed and gathered at the top edge of the baseboard.

One decision I have made is that I am going to glaze the building a pale rose colour.

I'm going to re-type that in block capitals so that I remember to do that; memory is so poor these days.


Note: I remember the old BBC word processor would allow you to 'paint' over lower case text and instantly transform it into upper case, and vice versa. Not sure that Microsoft Word allows that.

Found some time to further experiment with the terracotta tile that I had covered with porcelain slip last week. Scraped out an Eiffel tower shape. More work and thought required.

As I was leaving I looked over the shoulder of this student called Brian and saw these two sketches in his postcard sized sketchbook. (He did them in 1994.)


I think they are brilliant and they've given me ideas for background landscaping.

Hot Chip:

As I write this, I've got Hot Chip on shuffle on my iTunes library. Still not getting sick of them. There is still one album I have to download. Will save up that action for a rainy day.

Last night's dinner:

Left-over rolled lamb etc from previous day - even nicer.


Tango class tonight:

Feel worryingly complacent.

In my experience, complacency comes before a fall.

Have been practising every evening - with and without spouse. Simply cannot gauge progress.

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