Friday 2 November 2012

Silver Apples

More mosaicing:

The next step is to cover the tapered end of the platform which will involve the cutting to size of some of the tiles. Not looking forward to doing that.

Overall progress.
Last night's dinner:

A perfect evening, at home, consists for me of cooking the dinner and placing it in the bottom oven to keep warm; having a glass of either Pineau des Charentes or white wine; practising my Tango steps (with or without wife) in the hall to the sounds of the compilation CD provided by the Glasgow Tango Club; then, in the kitchen, eating aforementioned dinner washed down with red wine  (with or without wife) while listening to music on my iPod and either chatting to aforementioned wife or reading a book.

I can think of no better way of spending an evening.

Hake, artichokes and spinach.

Silver Apples:

Saw this combo (one bloke actually) earlier in the year.

Main man is 74 year old New Yorker Simeon Coxe III who invented some early forms of synthesiser and performs, on his own, with a collection of such paraphernalia.

Like Hot Chip, I find this kind of electro-pop VERY UPLIFTING.

Daily Mass:

Decided to excuse myself from the office each morning (with the complete blessing - no pun intended - of boss and colleagues) to attend morning Mass at a church just a short walk around the corner. Leave office at 9.25am back in office at 10.05am.

It's a beautifully maintained modern church with a friendly, cheerful, welcoming and vibrant congregation. But I don't like it and am not sure that I'll continue with the practice.

My reservations derive from my outsider status:

Basically, I'm an outsider. On a scale of  0 to 10, I would place myself at 7.2 on a scale of outsiderliness.

I'm a socially functioning outsider. There are loads of us about.

But this church has a vibrant congregation that my social antennae tell me is normal and prides itself in being normal.

I prefer to attend church services where those present are scattered around the pews in isolated little knots, each lost in his or her own search for God; each having a very heartfelt reason for searching for God's love. I feel ill at ease where the congregation operates as a coherent social community.

I don't attend church in order to seek a community to join and I know from experience that one would be expected to join the community in some way.

My home church that I attend on Saturdays for morning Mass and Saturday evenings for Vigil Mass is a cavernous building that one can get lost in and one can easily attend without getting caught up in the community.

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