Tuesday 27 November 2012

Ceramics class tonight

10 more centimetres of mosaic

I don't seem to be making such good speed with this final platform. I'm beginning to suspect that while I'm away at work each day, my wife unpicks a few rows: so 10 steps forwards and four backwards.

Current position

Another angle

Everyone agrees:

Going back out again at night, even for a so-called leisure activity, is a daunting prospect and one waits for the phone call cancelling the event.

At least, tonight, I feel that the tasks ahead of me are finite, definable and manageable.

1) assemble the 4 walls of the building ready for the kiln.

What I'm aiming at.

A wall

2) Continue to experiment with scraping out designs on terracotta tiles as a possible backdrop to the layout.

One tile

Rough sketches of what I have in mind.

Last night's dinner:

Tin of M & S chicken curry and rice - washed down with pint of milk.

 Currently listening to:

'Hot Chip's fifth album is a multi-coloured riot of electro, funk and pop – and possibly their best yet. Produced by the band themselves, it's designed for the dancefloor yet never feels short of gigantic pop melodies. Explaining the joyous approach, Joe Goddard said: "I want to listen to records like Never Too Much by Luther Vandross. I don't want to listen to a band caught up in their hang-ups and problems. That's just not interesting to me."

The Guardian's Michael Hann recently spoke to the band and concluded that Hot Chip "look and sound increasingly like one of the great British pop groups".
On the evidence of In Our Heads, we agree. Do you? Have a listen using the widget above and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below …'

Copied and pasted this from a feature in the Guardian.

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