Thursday 1 November 2012

Tango complexities

Mosaicing continues:

What's been done.

What's still to be done.

Radio 3: Choral evensong
Listening to yesterday's Choral Evensong from The Queen's College Oxford. Memories of my parents always come when I listen to Choral Evensong, especially the psalms.
Then moving back to Hot Chip to keep me company when I do my quota of mosaic laying for the day.

Last night's Tango Class:
I knew that such a night would come - that crossing of the threshold from what you can just about manage to the real thing that you know is beyond you. In other words, last night saw that quantum leap from glorified walking to actual sequences of dance steps.
What was most disappointing was that all that practising I've been doing to get right the walking or stepping action - legs together; shifting the weight from the back foot; landing on the balls of the feet as opposed to the heel; all done with a smooth slow motion - went straight out the window when I was trying the sequences of steps. I was back to legs apart and landing on the heels.
Clearly the much practised walking style is not yet second nature.
However, I've got a week to practise the combination of correct style and step-sequences.
1) to 2): The man steps to the left and as he does so he swivels his shoulders (NOT HIS HIPS) to face to the left.

2) to 3): Then he takes a second step to the left and this times swivels his shoulders right round to face to the right - HIPS STAY FACING FORWARDS.

3) to 4): Then he takes a step back to the right and swivels his shoulders to the forwards position again.

4) to 5): Finally, he takes one step forwards - leading with the right foot - with shoulders still facing forwards.

Meanwhile the woman is pivoting on one foot then the other and generally trying to keep up with the man who always seems to rule the roost when Tangoing.

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