Sunday 11 November 2012

Inching forwards

A few more inches of mosaic tiles laid:

And a reminder of what the ceramic facade of the station itself looks like. One day, I'll hoist it into position at the end of the platforms.

Carter and Henze:

Listened to the Radio 3 documentary about these recently deceased composers. I suspect that I will prefer Carter to Henze. Henze sounds to me like a composers' composer. I like the adventurousness of Carter's music.

Fact: Elliott Carter who died last week at the age of 104 was more productive in the last couple of decades of his life than in any other period. Indeed he was composing right up to the (bitter?) end.

I find that very encouraging.

Observation: Transitivity eg A > B; B > C; so A > C.

So much in life is non-transitive. Bob likes me; Alex likes Bob; hardly ever means that Alex will like me.

Likewise: I like David Bowie's * music; David Bowie likes the music of composer X; hardly ever means that I will like X's music.

This is I suspect what will happen with Henze.

I find it very difficult to get to grips with this matter of non-transitivity; it has led to some real spending errors. For example, I love Evelyn Waugh's * writing and have come across reviews of other authors which say things like: "One of England's finest writers," says Evelyn Waugh. Inevitably, and stupidly I've then gone on to the Amazon website and ordered the recommended book only to find it a total failure.

* substitute almost any other artist that I like.

Last night's dinner:

Sea bass plus extras:



Close up of black pudding and poached egg.

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