Friday 25 January 2013

Alasdair Gray

February is the month where I intend to do a fair amount on the layout.

For now, I'm ashamed to say, I'll resort to reprising some photographs from previous entries in this blog; just in case there is someone coming to it for the first time.

Laying some track down November 2011

I've stuck to this basic vision of the layout.

Ceramic station facade January 2013.

Had this idea to cover the platforms in checkered mosaic tiles.

Glued them down one at a time.

Some of my French HO scale rolling stock.
Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take a photograph of the meal itself but it was Duck a L'Orange from M & S.

I had another one in the freezer so photographed the box.

Currently reading:

A friend loaned this book to me today. I'm a  fan of local writer and artist Alasdair Gray - this is a kind of biography written by his secretary of the past 15 years or so.

I'll intersperse reading it with Evelyn Waugh's trilogy, "Sword of Honour".

Currently listening to:

Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity

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