Monday 7 January 2013

HO scale Canopy for Gare du Nord.

Not sure about this canopy made out of newspaper sheets.

From one angle it looks OK but from the side it is too dark and enclosing - one can't see the platforms beneath it.

Looks OK from this angle

Hides too much platform

Not too bad from this angle either.
Have still to mark in the lattice work of horizontal and vertical black lines - not sure that will help.
Last night's dinner:

Prawns mayonnaise with smoked salmon and avocado - there was a salad hovering somewhere as well.

An analysis of the Tango problem:

As I approach this individual Tango lesson on Friday, I speculate how it is going to unfold.

It will be nothing like my speculations, that's for sure - life never is.

One line of thought I have is that the tutors (for there will be two of them) will ask me how I perceive my weaknesses or perhaps which weaknesses I would like to be addressed in the lesson.

That question will not be asked, but if it were then this would be my (probably unhelpful) answer.

I see the problem as threefold.

1) The sequences of steps.

My short-term memory is poor and so I have difficulty in remembering even the most elementary sequences of moves. For example, step left, rotate hips, step left, step forwards, straighten hips.

The first time I tried this I couldn't remember the sequence: was it "step left, rotate hips, step left, straighten hips, step forwards"? Did you rotate the hips anti-clockwise or clockwise? etc etc.

If I'd been allowed to practise that sequence 50 times then my muscle memory would have retained it.

So, on Friday I'd like to practise a couple of such simple sequences - that will probably not happen.

2) Self-expression

Left to my own devices and in 100% privacy I can dance or move in a spontaneous (albeit ridiculous) manner. But, that spontaneity disappears when I'm in public.

Not sure what the solution is but I would at least like to state the problem on Friday.

3) Partnership

However much I practise steps on my own, everything goes out the window when I'm inter-linked with a partner. I find it difficult to co-ordinate my movements with those of a partner. I sense this OTHER body. I have absolutely no sense of one-ness, or indeed partnership. A sense of "otherness" seems to be my default position.

Again, not sure what the solution is but if I were more confident about sequences of steps then perhaps a partner with a similar level of knowledge could fit in with me more easily and communication would develop.

In summary, I believe that if I got the steps right then 2) and 3 would eventually follow.

Groove Armada:

Continuing to enjoy:

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