Sunday 13 January 2013

Gearing up for Limoges

Looking forwards greatly to this trip to Limoges at the end of the month.

First priority,finding a traditional and regional restaurant.

Chez Alphonse seems to fit the bill. But should one make a reservation before getting there? I've made the mistake of doing that before. The alternative is to risk its being fully booked.

Second priority, is to go on a longish train journey where one can read and occasionally stare out the window at the French countryside going by.

Limoges to Angouleme  seems to be a possibility, but do the trains run on weekends?.

Leaving Angouleme

Limoges' second station Montjovis
Currently listening to 1st piano quartet by Faure:

Rather like this stump-work embroidery of a string quartet.

So, what's the difference between a string quartet and a piano quartet?

The former is a cello, a viola and two violins.

The latter has the piano replace one of the violins.

Tango update:

For the first time in months I resumed my evening Tango practice with my wife; hitherto it's been solo practice.

One needs a body to practise with at some point and despite being totally ignorant of the requirements I found her to be a natural partner.

Last night's dinner:

Cauliflower cheese sauce

With smoked haddock.

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