Friday 18 January 2013

Wee Lochan

Took a garden tie which is basically plastic covered wire that can be bent into any shape and thus tied and, in my case, made into a window frame.

A reminder of the apertures to be framed.

Might try pipe cleaners or insulated electrical wire as well.

Also, the "Chemical Metal" arrived which eventually I will use to stick the 4 walls together.

Held together by a nervous pair of hands.
Last night's dinner:

Last night we dined at Wee Lochan. This local restaurant is rapidly becoming my favourite Scottish eatery.

Last night we had:

Spouse: smoked salmon

Spouse's spouse: Devilled kidneys

Spouse's spouse: Hake wrapped in pancetta

Spouse: rump steak
Everything was more than faultless; exhilarating, I would say.

Currently listening to:

A random selection from my Hot Chip collection on iTunes.





They've released an album every two years since 2004.

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