Monday 14 January 2013

French station canopies

Had this plan to show several images of glass canopies over French stations - but am too tired to do it properly.

Couldn't finesse my Google search words and some of the following are not even in France.

St Pancras, London

Nice as in Nice

Somewhere in the East of France

Gare do Oriente, Lisbon

Another view of Gare do Oriente

Someone's model of Gare du Nord

Can't remember what station this is a model of.
Gare du Nord

My Gare du Nord
Glad to have come across the Lisbon station because we are going there for a few days in March.

Groove Armada:

Felt like something energising to listen to, so once again turned to this compilation of re-mixes by Groove Armada.

Groove Armada
Tango Update:

In preparation for a couple of weddings that we have coming up, my wife and I will practise Tango tonight to the accompaniment of non-Tango music and in a highly adapted fashion in terms of movements but with me walking in a Tango fashion - sounds like a visual disaster waiting to happen.

Last night's dinner:

Scotch pie and baked beans.

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