Sunday 20 January 2013

Impressionism and model railways

I'm returning to a topic which obsessed me for months towards the early weeks of this blog - over a year ago now - namely, Impressionism.

I'm not sure that Impressionism is the right term but what I meant by it then and what I mean by it now is that I intend rendering the HO scale buildings not as highly accurate and finely detailed models but as impressions of buildings.

I prefer impressions because that is how I perceive the world: impressionistically.

So, I love this city church that I made out of cardboard last year and painted very quickly with any old leftover oil paints that I could find. It took me about 15 minutes to execute, but of course I'd been thinking about the nature of these old blackened inner city churches for very many years.

And, I prefer it to this very detailed commercially made rendition of a building in Venice.

The detail is fantastic.

Here's my church at the end of a Parisian street.

It conveys to me the essence of these inner city churches. Early morning Masses attended by a tiny number of the Faithful - mainly elderly and stooped women. Magnificent interiors in need of expensive repairs. A couple of beggars outside. A few newcomers perhaps desperate for Divine intervention in their lives.

All this going on just inches away from the busy secular society in the street outside and all one has to do is push open a wooden door to access it.

Calvin Harris:

Went to the gym this afternoon and on my iPod quite a few Calvin Harris tracks popped up.

He really is a very clever fellow.

Last night's dinner:

This was a massive success:

Hake, samphire, black pudding and caramelised pears.

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