Tuesday 15 January 2013

Ceramics class tonight

Hopefully, the PINK walls of my HO scale Boulevard Haussmann will have been glazed and fired and I can begin to think about assembling it and fitting window frames etc.

Reminder of the current position:

Held in position by hand.
In the mean time, I've got two other ceramic projects in the pipeline.

The Parisian church of St Paul and St Louis.

Drawing it out.
But I'm going to re-visit this drawing because I think I've got the proportions wrong.

And, secondly, the ceramic realisation of this cardboard row of buildings which I painted in 2 or 3 minutes six months ago or so.

Which, in situation, looks like this:

Perhaps a ceramic realisation will not be an improvement over the cardboard version. But, there is something to be said for consistency in the medium in which each building on the layout is rendered.

Currently listening to:

Soma Coma

Which is a compilation of electronic music emanating from Glasgow.

Last night's dinner

Lamb chops and tomatoes, aubergines, and courgettes from the recipe book below.

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