Thursday 17 January 2013

Tango classes resume

Too tired and busy to do anything on railway. But, have been thinking hard about how to render the window frames of my Boulevard Haussmann building.

The apertures awaiting frames.

The real thing.
In reality, the window frames are white, but I may not be bound by that if another colour looks better. Suddenly. as I was falling asleep last night, it came to me. Insulated electrical wire. Wire can be bent into the shape of a window frame and is flexible enough to make a frame for each window when they are certainly not all the same size or even square. Also, the plastic insulation comes in a variety of colours. I'll then back each wall with black glossy card. Windows do look black from the outside looking in. A lesson I learned from a visiting Art Teacher when I was in Primary school and have never forgotten. The realisation that windows were black seemed to make drawing buildings much easier than having to draw in what was going on behind them.

But then again, what about Avril Paton's famous Glasgow tenement paintings.

Tango classes resumed:

Attended the Improvers' class last night and did not enjoy it. There were dozens of people there who had not simply progressed from last session's Beginners' and were bloody skilled practitioners - felt a complete clot (hope they didn't mind, it was an accident).

However, I then stayed on to make up the numbers in the first Beginners' class of the new session. That was a most fulfilling experience. Naturally, we went back to basics and the rudimentary exercises I had done in my first class at that level. But this time, not only was I able to keep up with the class, the point of the exercises was much more apparent to me.

So, I have decided to repeat the beginners' course and not tackle the Improvers' until next year.

Last night's dinner:

Artichokes and boiled rice.
Currently listening to:

Deerhoof:     Friend Opportunity

Currently re-Reading:

Evelyn Waugh's World War II trilogy: Sword of Honour.

The fact that I'm at the beginning of vol 1, Men at Arms, and have so much left to read fills me with great happiness.

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