Friday 11 January 2013

My Specialised Tango Lesson

Trawling through the internet for a relevant image for this blog when I came across this little black and white photograph from 1942. It's of a German officer and an SNCF worker inspecting a passenger train.

This mundane little photograph really brought home to me the fact that France had been occupied by Germany in such recent times and how that occupation pervaded everyday life. Seems hardly believable that this could have happened.

Last night's dinner:

A presentational banality but it was exactly what I wanted ( and was all that was in the house, if truth be told).

Poussin plus 4 small tomatoes.
Tango lesson:

In preparation for next week's resumption of the Tango lessons (improvers' class) I invited the two tutors (Ali and Shona) to the house to give me a single intensive lesson.

It was a most successful hour. They are excellent teachers. (I've been lucky with my teachers this past 18 months, the ceramics lecturer is also excellent.)

Practised basic posture and basic steps and then they readily acceded to my request to practise two little sequences of steps, again and again, so that I can implant them in my muscle memory.

Absolutely mentally knackered afterwards. In fact, it was me who called a halt to proceedings.

The space.

The lesson.
Currently listening to:

Still feeling somewhat melancholic so was in the mood for Die Schone Mullerin. But decided to take a risk and listen to a female's rendition. Could a woman really be the Miller?

Turns out it was absolutely fine.

The singer was the German soprano, Lotte Lehmann, 1888 to 1976.

Giving a masterclass in later years..

Playing the role of Siegelinde in 1916

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