Monday 21 January 2013

HO scale buildings - by eye

Take a look at the church  (with yellow background) in these two photographs.

The church in the top picture is printed on a single sheet of A4 paper. That in the second picture has been expanded by approx 10% and is printed on sections of A4 paper taped together.

Technically speaking, the bottom version is more to scale than that in the top picture. Actually, even in this expanded format, it is still a bit small for a true HO scale representation. But any bigger and I think the church would have looked like a cuckoo in the nest.

Stroke of luck! Just found this photograph of the actual church in situ.

St Paul -St Louis, Paris

So, I positioned my card buildings to simulate the positions in the photograph and the expanded version of the church, in my view, looks OK.

Note: that cupola with cross atop in the photograph of the real church is actually the pinnacle of a huge dome that sits behind the facade. I've chosen not to include that in my model.

OK. Roll on the ceramics class tomorrow night.

Currently listening to the first Hot Chip album which, actually, I purchased after all the others and, consequently, has been least played.

The album has the same title as a collection of Brenda Lee songs, "Coming on Strong" being, presumably, one of them. In my youth I loved Brenda Lee's voice.

Last night's dinner:

Smoked salmon slices, artichokes and black pudding, all on a bed of lettuce.

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