Tuesday 8 January 2013

Ceramics class tonight

The ceramics class resumes tonight and there are a few things on the agenda.

Firstly, to assemble the 4 walls of the pink HO scale Boulevard Haussmann building.

The 4 pink walls.

Before the walls were glazed pink.
And, if that's not possible to do tonight or if it only takes a few minutes to do then I'm going to start work on  a ceramic facade of this church in Paris: Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis is a church on rue Saint-Antoine in the Marais quarter of Paris.

Height compared with adjoining 6 storey building.

Apparently it's about 55 metres tall which is taller than the Gare du Nord or Boulevard Haussmann. In HO scale that would be 1/87 of 55m = approx 63 cm.

That's too tall for the other buildings on the layout; it would look out of scale even though it wouldn't be. So, I'll set its height arbitrarily at 40 cm high.

Last night's dinner:

Prepared by wife and therefore of a much higher standard than usual in terms of taste and presentation.

Old cast iron pot from France

Rolled lamb and various root veg

On the plate.

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