Saturday 19 January 2013

St Paul - St Louis, Paris

One has to plan ahead if one is to make the most of these Ceramics evening classes.

In this case, I'm thinking that the clay slab I'm going to carve out to make a row of buildings for the layout may not yet be dry enough to work on by the time Tuesday comes around.

Cardboard representation of buildings.

So, I need something else up my sleeve. That's where the church of St Paul-St Louis enters the equation. I've been working on a sketched plan of it for the past couple of weeks but am dissatisfied with the proportions.

Doorway looks too narrow to me.
So, I took another approach today. I loaded the image of the church  into a fairly elementary "Paint" program I've got on the laptop.

I then highlighted what I consider to be the defining features of the church by "painting" over the picture with pale yellow and lavender lines.

Then I printed out the image onto an  A4 sheet.

Close up.

This serves two purposes.

Firstly, it familiarises me further with the nature of the building - these baroque edifices are bloody complicated and one can get bogged down in the detail.

Secondly, once I expand the image by about 10% I'll have a really good plan for cutting out the clay to the right size for an HO scale representation.

PS I've decided to take the 4 walls of the  pink Boulevard Haussmann and work on them at home. There is no more ceramic additions to be made to it.

The 4 pink walls are homeward bound.

Last night's dinner:

I'd attended a colleague's 50th birthday lunch at work and so just had a banana for dinner last night.

Today's lunch:

Stovies from the freezer plus a large tomato.

Currently listening to:

Glenn Gould playing Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto conducted by Leonard Bernstein.

Gould on the right.
Gould was Canadian, died in 1982 at the age of 50 and had a reputation for brilliance and extreme eccentricity.

Every now and again Sky Arts 2 broadcast a documentary about him which is greatly esteemed but which I find dull.

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