Thursday 24 January 2013

HO scale bridges

Too tired to do much but download some pictures from a French model rail exhibition somewhere.

Basically, two HO scale bridges and an HO scale scrapyard.

Pretty good, I say.

Currently listening to:

Tired and morose so am listening to totally sympathetic music.

Hans Hotter singing Schubert's song cycle, Winterreise - Winter Journey.

Early in the song cycle the wanderer sings about his lost beloved. As the work continues, he sings of abject loneliness, longing for death, and glimpses of delusional hope.

Last night's dinner:

A smoked salmon sandwich consumed on the hoof prior to attending Tango lesson.

No photograph taken. But will take one of tonight's offering.


Tango update:

As I arrived at last night's beginners' class, I crossed paths with my former classmates leaving the Improvers' class. They all seemed genuinely surprised and disappointed at my decision to repeat the Beginners' class.

On the whole the class went well. But I did have two unsatisfactory experiences with two very different looking females who had one thing in common: they were both extremely muscular dancers and pulled me all over the place so that I kept losing my balance. I thought I had developed ME.

But with everyone else I was able to lead the proceedings properly.

So a mixed evening.

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