Saturday 14 September 2013

Brass tube and paperclip technology

Started on the streamlined version of the overhead lighting gantry.

What I want to exploit is the availability (on my desk) of paperclips and the fact that the wire of a clip can be inserted into a fine brass tube to make both a supporting structure and an electrical connection.

Taped around various sections of the brass tubing in preparation for soldering them together. The end result should be two metal beams (one for each side of the street) into which can be inserted 3 pairs of electrical connections (made from paper clips) which will support and power three suspended overhead street lights.

They will be located thus:

That's a shadow running along beneath the brass tubes.

And there will be no need for any cross members to support the lights. Simply the wires will cross the street.

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I wonder where we are this afternoon?
Loch Lomond

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