Monday 16 September 2013

Wakey! Wakey!

Successfully soldered the sections of brass tubes to make the two struts (one for each side of the street) which will support the overhead lights and carry the electricity to them.

I hope these photos give some idea of what has been achieved.

The act of soldering.

The finished struts.

Every light requires a resistor .

One end has a bent paper clip and the other the resistor.

The two ends are each inserted into a short section of vertical tube. 

In position.
Obviously, the wires will have to be shortened - far too much of a droop.

Also, I think those black hooks will have to be replaced with something smaller and less intrusive - they are UGLY!

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Roast chicken legs, carrots and spinach.
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The biography of Billy Cotton written by his son, Bill Cotton. Wakey! Wakey!


Seen from bike this afternoon.

Spotted this poster from the other side of a busy street in Glasgow city centre this afternoon. Couldn't see the details so in great excitement cycled over for a close look. What? Pierre Boulez coming to Glasgow! One of the greatest conductors of the 20th Century coming to Glasgow!

No. Some of his compositions are to be performed. What a disappointment. I would have pulled out all the stops to see Boulez conduct.

Actually, tickets are free, so I might go anyway.

Those JCBs are very versatile.

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