Friday 13 September 2013

Not much to report.

Awaiting delivery of some fine brass tubing with which I'm going to make an alternative gantry to hold the overhead street lights. I think the existing gantry looks crude in its execution.

Existing gantry

Currently listening to:

In my opinion, Missy Elliott is the most original hip hop artist. This album is a compilation released in 2006 and gives one a good idea of the nature of her work.

Born in 1971, she has recorded almost nothing since 2006. It seems that she has been quite ill. Very sad.

Last night's dinner:

Smoked salmon and prawn mayonnaise.

Followed by cod (under grilled tomatoes in Parmesan) with potatoes.
Currently Reading:

Alasdair Gray is a brilliant prose stylist and hilarious. But, I can't find this book fully satisfying because it is too nauseating in its content.

I felt the same way about Pedro Almodovar's film "The Skin I Live In." Utterly brilliant film in every respect except for its diabolical storyline.

Alasdair Gray

Pedro Almodovar


For the last 4 weeks I have practised on my bongos for at least 20 minutes a day. I definitely think I'm improving whilst continuing to enjoy the activity.

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