Thursday 5 September 2013

HO scale chimney pots - not a success

Sawed up the section of wood purchased yesterday, having already painted it matt black. Each chimney stack is 6cm tall.

Then laid them in various formations on top of the building in question.

I do not like the result.

Are the stacks too tall or too wide?  Will they look better if their top surfaces are also painted black? Should the flat rood itself be painted black? Is it the choice of "black" which is the problem? Should I try some shade of gray? (Obviously not 50.)

Will sleep on it.

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This is a great album, it really is.

Last night's dinner:

Turbot, scallops and samphire.
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Nothing for the last 24 hours.


Fantastic cycle excursion from Kirkintilloch to Croy, along the Forth and Clyde Canal - could have been travelling through rural France.

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