Wednesday 11 September 2013

Online Shopping

Haven't bought anything online for railway for ages so used that as a justification for doing so today.

HO scale Jouef Panhard Dyna
I've quite a collection of these HO scale vehicles. This one cost £5.99 plus £1 postage from eBay.

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Metrik on Radio 1Extra - felt like some Drum 'n' Bass.

Last night's dinner:

Bread dipped (soaked) in spouse-made vegetable soup consumed directly from saucepan.

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We make our coffee using a Nespresso machine and capsules. I always use a combination of two capsules: one decaffeinated and one from the Nespresso range of world wide coffee beans. This afternoon tried  one decaff and one they described as having a touch of vanilla. It certainly did.

With the vanilla flavoured capsule.

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