Saturday 28 September 2013

Harold Hare strikes again

Turned my attention to building a body, as it were, for my church facade.

Basically, I want some kind of dome to go behind the facade.

I searched the house for a pair of compasses. I seemed to remember from my school days that one could use compasses to draw the  necessary mathematical net from which I could fold the dome.

Searched everywhere and just when I was about to give up found a plastic octagonal template - couldn't believe my luck and had never seen it before.

It was a bit small so I drew around it and then used my printer to enlarge that drawing by 125%.

Transferred that enlarged octagon to an A3 sheet of card and after adding a trapezium (I think) to each side had my net of a dome.

Strictly speaking, a truncated octagonal pyramid.
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Potato Dauphinoise, haggis and trout.
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Freud says that his five year old daughter Nicola used to read Harold Hare's Own comic. But whereas I used to have mine delivered with the mid-week evening paper, she used to cross a busy London street on her own while also collecting her father's copy of the Financial Times.


Set out this afternoon to find the new cycle bridge that crosses the approaches to Glasgow's Kingston Bridge - one of the busiest river crossings in Europe (someone told me).

The brand new cycle bridge

The view from the cycle path over the Kingston Bridge

On the way home spotted this beautiful Citroen DS19.

Then I passed this disused factory and stopped to look in it. Last week, a rock group had been rehearsing in it and I was hoping to see them again and take a photograph for this blog.

Disused factory.
Instead, I found a chap about my own age practising tennis.

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