Monday 2 September 2013

HO Scale Overhead Street Lights (part 7?)

Soldered the two brass uprights into position on the overhead lighting gantry. Also, tested that an electric current could travel up them and along the horizontal brass rods and so light up a bulb. Used a rather weak 9v battery and a grain bulb connected to crocodile clips for the test.

Red and black wires connected to brass upright rods

And the bulb lights up.

Once all the resistors and bulbs are in position, I'll paint the brass rods black.

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Rather than purchase another Eels album missing from my collection, I found one on the iTunes Store and chose "Preview All" which allows one to listen to 90 seconds of each track on an album - enough I hope to familiarise myself with the material in readiness for tomorrow night's Eels concert.

Last night's dinner:

Dover sole from the freezer

With potatoes, peas, carrots and roasted orange pepper
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