Sunday 29 September 2013

More Citroen DSs

Continued fashioning the net that will form the dome of the church. Cut apertures which will be backed with translucent coloured windows to give a stain glass effect.

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Last night's dinner:

Spouse-made vegetable soup


Smoked salmon, prawn mayonnaise, tomatoes and a boiled egg

Choc roll sitting in double cream
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Freud continues to be hilarious and I've been dipping into chapter 3 of Kim in preparation for tomorrow night's lecture at the University. Seem to be following it.


We took my great-nephew for a cycle to the new Glasgow Transport Museum.

In the car park I noticed that they have a re-charging "pump" for electric cars.

And some Citroen enthusiasts were displaying their pride and joys on the concourse.

This car came was shipped from Australia a few years ago for £4,000 and the chap spent £9,000 restoring it. Worth about £15,000 now. Parts still readily available.

Rounded things off with a "99"

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