Wednesday 4 September 2013

Eels - Glasgow

Had an interesting day shopping for some matt black paint and a short section of timber from which to fashion some chimney stacks for one of the HO buildings on my layout.

Went by bike and successfully purchased the black paint in a nearby hardware store. The store doesn't stock timber but the proprietor directed me to a larger establishment about a mile further away.

Unfortunately, they didn't sell such short sections of wood - I needed approx 50cm from which to make 8 chimney stacks.

So, back on the bike, but not before investigating a large warehouse  that sat upon a hill behind the timber store. Very derelict looking but since it was called "Architectural Salvage", I thought I might find an off cut of old timber that would serve my purposes.

I didn't. But what an Aladdin's Cave inside of items rescued from house clearances and demolitions: radiators, fireplaces, doors, sinks, taps etc etc

Disappointed, I next passed something called a "Wood Recycling Centre". This was situated at the back of another industrial estate. Surely, I'd find the length of wood here.

When I got there, I explained to the chap what I wanted. He directed me to a corner where such pieces were kept and I purchased what I had been looking for - for £0.30.

The chap explained that the philosophy behind the centre was that for every piece of wood they keep, there is somewhere a customer.

Transported the wood home on the back of the bike.
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Went by bus to last night's Eels concert in the centre of Glasgow.

As always, I worried that I might be too obviously old to feel comfortable.

I needn't have worried.

In front of me going in was the oldest man I have ever seen. He was being helped to walk up the steps by a young person on either side. He wore a kaftan (I think he had two sticks - not sure) had straggly dreadlocks and was very thin and shaky. The bouncers immediately stepped forwards to help and directed the trio to a lift.

All evening I kept thinking who it was he reminded me of. The best I could come up with was an ancient Bob Marley. This morning it came to me. He looked like Emperor Haile Selassie.

Eels were flawless.

Outside in Sauchiehall Street afterwards
My leg survived the standing for 90 minutes so I presume that the steroid injection is still working!

Met one of my neighbours at the concert. I think we were both equally surprised to meet another such sensible looking person.

Last night's dinner:

Boiled potatoes under cheese, peas and chutney
Today's lunch:

Roll mop herring and salad.

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This book is so funny that I sometimes have to stop reading out of exhaustion.


One can never have too many photographs of Haile Selassie


  1. Where is Aladdins cave, sounds like my type of shop....

  2. South Street. Very helpful and laidback folk within.

  3. sounds like my type of place, will pay a visit when I can, thanks