Monday 30 September 2013

HO scale overhead street lighting - aesthetic considerations

This is the current state of affairs re overhead street light. I feel that's a bit messy so applied some red paint.

I like this red colour and wondered what would happen if I made a shape out of red card to disguise the wires, the resistor and the lumps of solder. Would it tidy things up?

The answer is "no". The card looks crude and out of scale. I think I'll stick with the red paint.

You might wonder why I don't paint the wire black or gray or some colour that it would be in real life. But, as I have repeatedly stated in this blog, my touchstone is the aesthetic appearance of the layout not verisimilitude.

And, actually, I think red looks great. Possibly because in the distance one sees a red roof and a red shop frontage.

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Rachmaninoff died in 1943 so I'm not sure when the recording was made - but it sounds ancient.

Last night's dinner:

We had a guest and I forgot to take a photograph.

Mashed potato, broccoli, steak pie and carrots.

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I wonder if I should take Kim to my philosophy class tonight? Definitely going by bike.


I'm very lucky to have three vibrant Roman Catholic Churches within a few minutes cycle ride of my home: St Paul's, Whiteinch - my usual; St Simon's, Partick and St Peter's, Partick.

St Peter's, this morning.
I hope that padlock does its job; there has been an epidemic of cycle thefts in the West End of Glasgow, recently.

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