Tuesday 3 September 2013

Martin Creed

Haven't done anything on railway today, but have done some thinking.

I think I will add several black chimney stacks to the (currently) flat-roofed ceramic building. I think they will lift it.

The building with the reddish flat roof will have chimney stacks.

Frustratingly, could find neither wood of the right width nor any black paint. So, will have to go and buy these things at some point this week.

Currently listening to:

Martin Creed is the Scottish former winner of the Turner Prize, infamous for his winning installation of a bare room whose light goes continuously off and on.

Rightly or wrongly I have no interest in conceptual art, but I love this CD of his from 2012.

Last night's dinner:

For the first time, visited Glasgow's "Dining in with Mother India". Excellent.

Vegetable pakora

Chicken curry and boiled rice

Almost unheard of in Scotland, the chicken was served on the bone - which I prefer.

Currently Reading:

Took Gilbert Ryle to keep me company whilst getting a car tyre repaired. Just as well I'm on a one-paragraph-a-day regime because they were very speedy in fixing it.

And also:


One of Martin Creed's more obviously artistic works of art was his laying of different patterns of marble and granite slabbing over the famous Scotsman Newspaper steps in Edinburgh.

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