Friday 20 September 2013

Peter Doig and Mozarella

Have slept on matters of a town planning nature and have decided on a compromise solution.

1) The two ceramic apartment buildings (pink and cream) must stay where they are.

2) The little card town square is so pretty that it must be viewed from the front, so that means it cannot be located across from the station facade.

3) The location of the church facade has perplexed me from the start but now I think its position in between the cream building and the town square is the most successful.

4) That leaves the long black ceramic building. I  think this is the most artistic of my ceramic buildings and so I must have it on the layout somewhere. Practically, the only position for it is the original one where it runs along the side of the platforms across from the cream building. But that blocks a good line of sight on the cream building.

It occurred to me this  morning that it is a very portable item and when I want to show off the cream building in  all its glory, all I need do is to temporarily remove the black building. Then, when I want to re-create that canyon like street between the cream and black buildings, I reinstate it.

The canyon-like street.

And the black building temporarily removed.

I've come up with a solution for the overhanging street lights which does not depend on the black building being in position. More of that anon.

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Last night's dinner:

Very good and very cheap meal at Piatto Verde in Edinburgh, but I forgot to take photographs of the dishes.

However, the highlight for me was something that I have either completely ignored or forgotten about but certainly under-rated over the years: Mozzarella cheese. I hadn't realised how sumptuous Mozzarella is simply plain in a salad.


From now on will make this a regular item in shopping basket.

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Sat for almost an hour this morning in a little cafe in Edinburgh consuming two scrambled egg rolls and a coffee whilst being increasingly gripped by Bill Cotton junior's autobiography.

Peter Doig:

Yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed Peter Doig's exhibition at the National Gallery in Edinburgh. The canvases were huge and for me it was like spending the afternoon in Trinidad (where Doig lives and works) - the heat that came off them.

So as to remind me of the afternoon I actually bought some merchandise in the gallery shop.

1) A postcard of my favourite Doig painting - quite mesmerising when standing before its massiveness in the gallery.

2) A fridge magnet of same:

3) And a silk tie based on another painting that was on show:

The one on the left.

I think one of my brothers-in-law would very much like this for Christmas.


Cycled into Glasgow this afternoon

And saw Templeton's Carpet Factory

And Glasgow's new performance venue, the Hydro.

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