Tuesday 24 September 2013

Jaegwon Kim

My matchbox kit model of a locomotive arrived. Huge box.

I don't anticipate doing much with it in the immediate future; more something for when the evenings draw in.

The idea is that I will learn skills that will enable me to manufacture an HO scale static model of the 232 Nord Express which I will simply park in the station with some appropriate carriages lined up behind it.

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Last night's dinner:

Mince and carrots with baked potatoes
Today's Lunch:

On the way home from church this morning, cycled into Partick  to a little bakery called, Home Bakery.

Where I bought a vegetarian muffin which I ate for lunch with salad. Red onion really perks up a salad, by the way.

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Returned to Paul Scott's autobiography.

When Germany surrendered at the end of the 2nd World War, Paul Scott stayed on in Berlin to help with the administration of the defeated nation. My father did exactly the same thing so these chapters were of great interest to me.

Jaegwon Kim:

My course on the Philosophy of Mind began last night (went by bus, not bike). The young lecturer seems very good - well prepared, lucid and with excellent diction.

The recommended text book is:

It's available in an electronic version but I ordered a paperback copy from Amazon and paid the extra to have an evening delivery later today.

From what I've read of the first chapter (available as a free electronic version on Amazon), Kim seems also to be a very lucid writer.

Jaegwon Kim is a Korean American philosopher born in 1934. His special interests are mental causality and the mind-body problem which are my special interests too.


Cycled along the Forth and Clyde canal for an hour this afternoon.

The grass around Maryhill Locks is Wimbledon quality.

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