Wednesday 26 September 2012

Architectural Clay

The architectural clay has arrived at the college and so at last night's class I was able to start on my Boulevard Haussmann style building.

The clay is very soft and heavy and thus difficult to lift off the board when manoeuvring it about.

The plan was that I should spend the evening rolling out the 4 walls of the building: 3 large slabs and 1 narrow slab.

I say "slabs" but they were only about half a centimetre thick, so really they were large tiles.

The point was that it took me two hours to roll them out with the rolling pin. And I got a nasty blister for my trouble.

What I'm aiming at.

Cloth underneath or the clay sticks to the board.

Should be big enough for one wall.

The 4 walls rolled out.
Finally, each cloth was folded over its wall, and the 4 walls stacked on top of each other and stored in one of the "damp cupboards". This will allow the clay to dry out a degree so that next week the tiles are stiffer and can be worked upon. At present they are too wet and soft.

Anyway, the donkey work is over.

Tango class tonight:

Didn't manage any practice this past week. Hope the rest of the class haven't charged ahead too much in the mean time.


Last night and this afternoon I listened to Barenboim play Beethoven's last 3 piano sonatas. Not only do I not get sick of them through repeated playing, I find them more satisfying to listen to.

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