Friday 21 September 2012

Best Laid Plans

Arrived in Poitiers for a cheap weekend courtesy of Ryanair while my wife is in London with her friends.

Poitiers is a delight - very studenty, very ancient and full of restaurants.

However, my plan for tomorrow was to go by train to Limoges to see the world famous Limoges Benedictines railway station.

Guess what, due to engineering works there is only a bus service - and an extremely skeletal one at that -  meaning the whole scheme has been scrapped.

What I'll be missing:

So instead will be making a 2 hour TGV journey to La Rochelle and back. Been there several times before but at least it's a train trip.

The station at Poitiers earlier this afternoon.

Followed by a pain aux raisins and cafe au lait.

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