Thursday 27 September 2012

HO Scale Jouef Peugeot 203

The latest addition to my collection of little plastic HO scale cars arrived from France today, courtesy of eBay - Jouef Peugeot 203.

The box was huge compared with the contents and stuffed with French newspaper for protection.

And bubble wrap

Then a little box filled with tissue.

And finally a little car is hatched.

A little beauty.
Jesus Christ Superstar:

This musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber is doing the rounds again in arena form. Along with "Hair" it is the only post-1960s musical that I like.

I saw it in New York off Broadway at the Mark Hellinger Theatre in 1971. It was one of the most spectacular theatre experiences I've ever had. I still remember the chap who played King Herod stomping campishly across the stage in these giant platform sandals. Really revolutionary interpretation of the part of Herod.

Had a quick trawl of the web for photos of that performance and came up with a couple.

Barry Dennen who played Pilate


But, what I'm listening to at the moment and indeed have been looking forwards to playing all day is:


Tango update:
Really enjoyed last night's class although in the warm-up I did clout a woman quite hard (and loudly) on the shoulder.
Still the worse in the class but feel I am improving. (Hope her shoulder is.)
Will practise with my wife for 10 minutes this evening.

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