Monday 3 September 2012

Preparing for the Ceramics Class

In a bit of a rush and left things to the last minute for tomorrow night's ceramics class.

Fished out the small scale sketch I did some weeks ago of a Parisien/Haussmann style block of  shops and apartments.

And held it next to a larger cut-out building.

My feeling is that the larger one is too large and that a compromise between the two is what is required.

So I used the photocopier to enlarge the more detailed smaller version by a factor of 135% and then 150%.

I then placed them each next to an HO scale car and an HO scale tree.

The tree and car both seem slightly too large against the 135% expansion.

135% expansion

The car seems OK against the 150% expansion but the tree seems too big.

150% expansion

I'll have to fish out some photographs of real trees next to real buildings.


Bearing in mind that my HO scale trees represent fairly mature large leaved trees, I think my conclusion is that the model will have to be expanded to 175%.

175% expansion

I think the 175% expansion looks about right.

Two vows:

1) From now on, I'm going to cook smaller portions for dinner (and that means buying smaller portions in the first place).

2) Never again see a film at the cinema based on a recommendation in either the Guardian or Observer newspapers. Since I know where the percentage key is on the laptop I can say that over many years  I have been duped by these newspapers 100% of the time. BUT NEVER AGAIN.

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  1. What was the film? We went to see the Imposter on Saturday more of a documentary but made an afternoon out at the GFT, it sounded ok in the write up but that was in the Evening Times.