Friday 28 September 2012

Peugeot 203

Yesterday, my HO scale Jouef Peugeot 203 arrived.

Peugeot 203 on RHS
Thought it would be instructive to find some photos of the real thing.

An advert from 1959

For a farmer, perhaps.

Shooting Brake.

203 Decouvrable, 1951
Tango Practice:

This week we began the tango class with warm up exercises that I found difficult to do without wobbling all over the place. Basically, one stood on one leg and rotated the other leg through the air: rotating at the ankle, then the knee and then the hip.

This is a set of exercises that I can practise each day at home and thus (hopefully) build up a stronger physical base from which to do the dance itself.

I believe this to be the case because I find keeping my balance to be a real challenge when dancing. That's because one has one's legs close together and one performs each step very slowly.

The wrong and the right way to do the exercise.

AND, crucially, one should keep one's knees slightly bent throughout the whole dance and thus throughout the whole exercise.

A development of this exercise is walking, without a partner, around the hall very slowly, knees brushing against each other, and also knees slightly bent and each step being executed with a kind of sliding action where the toe and not the heel touches the floor first. I'm flat-footed so practice is clearly necessary in this case too.

This walking exercise reminded me of that old test for drunkenness that one used to see in TV cop programmes - walking in a straight line. As I say, I was wobbling all over the place.

Again, I'll be practising this at home this week.

Tango fact:

One always dances around the hall in an anti-clockwise direction.

Last night's dinner:

Spaghetti bolognaise with far too much mince.

Currently listening to:

"A Man Called E" by Eels.

Eels being basically one person, Mark Oliver Everett.

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