Wednesday 20 November 2013

Brass tubes - or are they referred to as ducts or lengths of ducting?

Anyway, the brass version of the white plastic ducting arrived. No time to do anything with it except open the package.

The brass versions are finer and more rigid but presumably a hell'uva' lot more difficult to cut than the plastic ones.

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Yesterday afternoon I heard the first piece that I liked by the contemporary US composer John Adams. I know it's a terrible prejudice, but I expect my classical composers to be called things like Ludwig or Salvatore or even Arnold. But 'John Adams' sounds like a geography teacher - paraphrasing Noel Gallagher who once said that Chris Martin of Coldplay looked like one..

The piece in question was, "Gnarly buttons for clarinet and ensemble". Very enjoyable.

John Adams
Last night's dinner:

Broccoli quiche, fried shallots and fried potatoes
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Still reading Christopher Isherwood.


Passed this row of identical semi-detached houses on the south side of Glasgow today - honestly, they went on for miles like this and on both sides of the road.

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