Tuesday 5 November 2013

My Name Is Asher Lev.

Tidied up the most recent wiring underneath the baseboard using self-adhesive cable clips. I've used these clips before and they're great but are not very adhesive. So I applied the lesson that I learnt last time and added a few drops of superglue to the self-adhesive pad.

Underneath the baseboard.

Currently listening to:

The ultimate, hot Acid Disco DJ mix! The sound of early in the morning warehouse parties in 21st century Metropolis with too much strobe stutter and neon lights.

Mixed by ATARI:CLUB resident DJ & club founder Cornel Lazar, Sixty-Five Minutes In London: Deep Space Jam On Alien Terrain was recorded live at London's ATARI:CLUB during one of the legendary and rather hazy nights in April 2005.

Acid Disco in an unashamed, brash and anarchic mix that combines Wonky Techno, Minimal, Robofunk and Italo infused Electro House. 

Needless to say, I copied these notes from the CD itself, but "Sixty-Five Minutes in London" is a fantastic compilation which I have been very much in the mood for today.

Every track an absolute killer. (See Miscellany below.)

Last night's dinner:

Mixed veg in cheese sauce
Currently reading:

Still switching between these two perfectly complementary books.

It's taken me a long time to read my way through Chaim Potok's novel (three-quarters the way through). But that's not because it is anything other than brilliantly written; it's because I don't want to miss a word, a phrase or a sentence. I've been living this book and the dilemma it depicts between the sacred and the profane.

Lionel Blue actually covers the same ground but from the point of view of someone who watches "Strictly Come Dancing". Or, am I thinking of Lionel Blair?


"Every track an absolute killer!" How dare I use such hip language!

A friend (of similar vintage to myself) and I were subjected to a barrage of such hip language in a pub a few weeks ago.

Two young lads were trying to persuade us to sample a particular malt whisky and did so with phrases like:

"Honestly guys, this whisky will melt you."

"It'll kill you. You'll never drink anything else EVER again - and I mean EVER!"

"This whisky will have you trembling."

"Guys, I'm telling you, you'll pee your pants."

At which point my friend interrupted and said:

"Look, mate, when you get to our age, you don't need whisky to pee your pants."

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