Sunday 10 November 2013

Budd RAME INOX Z5100

Also through the post from France yesterday came an additional carriage for my Budd Z5100. It only cost approx £6.50 from eBay, and no wonder: it had been painted in Humbrol Aluminium enamel paint. This fact had been made clear in the eBay description, but in French, so I didn't pick up on it.

Since the actual Budds were made from aluminium, the application of aluminium paint was probably not a bad idea. But, the end result is that this carriage appears darker than its companions.

Anyway, there is one more carriage winging its way from Nevers, France at this very moment. It should be OK.

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Probably my favourite Hip Hop artist: Missy Elliott

Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take a photograph, but it was a take-away Chinese meal: Sweet and Sour Chicken and boiled rice.

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Back to Blue:

Although I am tiring of this book, there is still something interesting written on most pages:

Some advice from his years dealing with people as their Rabbi.

"This then is what I can give others. Start from where you are in life! If you're a hypocrite, pimp, prostitute, barrack-room lawyer, sly entrepreneur, or fantasist, or lawyer, or liar, just say it aloud to yourself and to God or your guardian angel in private. He can then show you how to make something good out of it. Apply your mysticism to the little things in life. Your theology too. You can't know what's big or little in your life." p 175

This reminds me so much of the advice in all of the writings of St Therese of Lisieux: try to do good in the little things each day.


We cycled to People's Palace on Glasgow Green this afternoon.

The Clyde was very still.

The Waverley

Crane plus Squinty Bridge

Being overtaken by a middle-aged woman.

People's Palace

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