Friday 8 November 2013

Electro-luminescent wire - some considerations.

For topological reasons, it might not be as easy as I thought to simulate neon signs, in HO scale, using 10 cm lengths of electro-luminescent wire.

It was my hope that a single length could be bent to form a single word eg "Bar" or "Club" or "Nicks".

But not so sure that's possible without a lot of turning back and doubling up:

It's more straight-forward with symbols eg an arrow or a star.

Or perhaps a conventionally illuminated sign could be surrounded by a ring of electro-luminescent wire.

More thought required.

Currently listening to:

Accessing this CD of Samba music for free using the iTunes "Preview" facility.

Generally, I've been playing it in the background whilst I work so that those Samba rhythms can soak into my system.

In addition, I've actually been accompanying the CD on the bongos with my Samba hand patterns .

Last night's dinner:

An utter triumph - rabbit in mustard sauce.

With rice and courgettes
Still reading:

And losing a bit of interest in: (slightly repetitive and far too smutty).

Miscellany 1:

Acquired a backup bicycle; thanks Scott.
Miscellany 2:

Off to the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, tonight,  for an evening of Tamla Motown, with my sister and brother-in-law.

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